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Helmet tribute to Andy Irons

Lasse's girl.

Our Mama’s ski race!

Chillin in the Lodge

Hailey brought Lasse to the finish to watch my second run!

So now that my website links directly to my blog I will try to keep you posted on my goings on….comment if you feel it.

We just got back from Zagreb Croatia yesterday. I am stoked about my slalom skiing and just baffled with the way ski racing works, when it clicks, it clicks. I have to say my slalom skis are really good.
We are back in Telfs Austria for a few days off before we head to Flachau for our third night slalom in a row. Trevor, our coach sets first run so if any advantage is to be had, we have it.
I am really pulling for my teammates Hailey and Resi to go fast so we can all be in the second run together, along with Lindsey and Julia. It is possible.

I think people are pretty stoked with how I am skiing slalom because I have been hearing from all the people that have been a part of my ski racing roots. A lot of people are saying they have never seen me ski better slalom. I just have to keep progressing and getting faster so I can get back to the podium. That is the biggest goal for me right now, it feels great to have a podium within my reach.

We are about to watch the men race in Zagreb on the TV. Austria and Europe make watching ski racing totally different. It’s such a cool sport when you get the whole picture. My teammates are in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee doing DH training runs and getting going for the speed weekend. I hope Lindsey can get the lead bak on the overall. Maria did some damage in the last three races. We will get to see them race as well.

Federico blew his ACL carrying Lasse down a technical slope in Courchevel and we are waiting to see the Austrian Doctor Fink in Innsbruck tomorrow. He will likely have surgery soon.

The New Year is full of hope for my family and my teammates and myself. According to the dictionary hope is a tendency of the spirit to consider something as probable; the second of the theological virtues; expectation; supposition; probability.
Keep the faith and use your sense of hope to do something great.
Until next time…

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