weather o wether o whether
Wind and rain.
Hurricane crashing down my window pane.
Rain o Rain
Rain like sleet, rain like snow
Rain like rain
flood the street below
Sun. Son.
Sun like hot.
Sun like desert in the sun.
Sun burn through a polluted knot
Son of L I G H T
Sun turns off the night.

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society loves plastic

plastic lips &

plastic baskets



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each little star

How would you dance down little snowflake?

How would you float?

How would you fall?

Isn’t the life of each little snowflake, just like each little star?

We judge humans un perfect, but in finite, in each metallic car.

Where would you land little snowflake?

Would you expand? Live a life out on land?

Happy or Sad? or Just a Nomad?

No emotions planned.

The faster you melt the sooner you fly.



Strange Veil.

Cast a Spell.

Wish on a well.


Did your wish ever come true?




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Lake Louise Downhill
It was a dream reshaping to memory.

Rewind two weeks, the moon was waxing. December 4th 2016.  A ski race marinated in adventure  skimming disaster.

When the doors to the airplane closed just 20 seconds behind us, should we have been forewarned of our fate? Kayo needed a visa for Canada. That took every extra minute we had given ourselves to check in. Incredibly she applied for the visa and we made the flight…so did all of our luggage.


Alberta is sensually sexy.

Stimulation for your eyes from the magic of sunlight       touching her golden alpine.

Imagining of why and where we came.



Downhill inspection. 




Fishnet. Fallaway.


You learn the course and then you run it a dozen times in your mind. Testing out memory to reality comes quickly. It’s best when your going full speed to know what way you want to point. Racing downhill is intimidating.  A million things can go wrong at any moment. The track gets icy and bumpy and the jumps and terrain and forces to the turns. But when you get things right, the rush trumps all.  Blown out knees, pre-releases, breaks and bruises are eclipsed by the rush, the thrill.

Racing downhill, like sex and surfing is why gods come back to Earth.  #Feels.
























Kayo was scared. Tickety rocked her all five runs. On the second training run she targeted the fence and rode up the A-net like a World Cup Skier in Wengen. She has a samurai mindset: 5 days going down Lake Louise and 5 days launching off Tickety towards space and 5 times standing in the start pushing out with determination, testing to see if her visualization corrections might pay off. She finished all 5 races. She didn’t score but she got world class Downhill experience.

Abigail is fast, and getting faster. She is a determined to win racer. I like her mindset on race day. She wants it. Most days she wants it so bad it backfires. Her training runs were top 5 fast.  First race day she knew she had to gun if she wanted to get on that podium. Coming of Tickety a little loaded but would have landed fine until she caught her edge. She managed to get out of the spin but just then rocked to the back seat and couldn’t get everything under control before the A-net was ejecting her skis and flipping her back onto the course at a speed of 103 kmh. It was a hit, and would end her series, but not her season.

Heidi is on a come-back from an ACL injury in 2015. She is tough to have made the commitment to come up to Lake Louise and race. Heidi confronts fear demons everyday. I know how she feels. Thoughts of fear of doubt of crashing and failing. She also had a crash. In the second training run her ski pre-released from the force of fishnet mixed with rough terrain. She flew up a good 8 feet in the air on the A-net and cartwheeled to a stop. After that she has a hard time committing to a race run. She pushed out the next day, losing a pole in the start and then skiing the entire Lake Louise downhill track with one pole. The girls has skills.

As for me. I was just slow. Moving laterally? On a safe line? Slow skis? Whatever. I still got the rush. I enjoyed myself completely. Until I saw my times.  I have been working with my mindset.  Remaining in presence is always reassuring.

Harnessing presence to omit both fear and hope.


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Alberta, Alberta,
Where you been so long?
Alberta, Alberta,
Where you been so long?
Ain’t had no loving
Since you’ve been gone.

Alberta, Alberta,
Where’d you stay last night?
Alberta, Alberta
Where’d you stay last night?
Come home this morning,
Clothes don’t fit you right

Alberta, Alberta,
Girl, you’re on my mind.
Alberta, Alberta,
Girl, you’re on my mind.
Ain’t had no loving
Such a great long time.

Alberta, Alberta,
Where you been so long?
Alberta, Alberta,
Where you been so long?
Ain’t had no loving
Since you’ve been gone.

Eric Clapton

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Crimson red heart bleed
painted desire to her lips.
Burning hunger:
craved sugar
the other thunder.
Choice now broken
chariots with tokens.
Enjoyment of bourgeoning entrapment:
road is heavier,
all roads bleed here.
enlightened her
enchanted her
two Hydrogen
fucked Oxygen.
What was written?
How many billion?
She was destined
to remember, then.
He is god and god is love
and God played them.
Star exploded into rock,
Divine Mother ambitions.
To be a rock and not to grow?
Fuck is spelled the same way as love.

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Stop Fascism Dis a War

Until the philosophy which hold one race superior
And another
Is finally
And permanently
And abandoned -
Everywhere is war -
Me say war.

That until there no longer
First class and second class citizens of any nation
Until the colour of a man’s skin
Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes -
Me say war.

That until the basic human rights
Are equally guaranteed to all,
Without regard to race -
Dis a war.

-Bob Marley


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fifth chakra

Standing Muse
Tolerate Abuse
Abuse to toleration
Coal lights nation
Stop singing national anthem >< s
You can join em or you can fight em
Why not ignite them?
with light then?
Tangled wiring
Dark Power
Nature stole our gills
Sound, no cord?
Chakra defends against sword
lunar symbol of nada
pure cosmic sound,
Guilt is a social institution
Sing out your troubles
Sing out your troubles
trust in intuition
and disregard religion.

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I miss being on snow. on water. Send help.

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