the Sky’s the Limit

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Skiing in fog is like being in Heaven

This is my camp. I call it Degalaxy Racing Camp. We are first in line and we love it!

One of the greatest joys of skiing is being outside in all circumstances, any weather. The sport opens up to nature’s majesty, power, and beauty everyday. Your able to witness the power of creation in it’s rawest form. Watching the glacier move and the clouds breathe. Please, get into the mountains and feel their good vibrations.

Zero Viz 

Reminded of a Love Affair with the Sun

Breathing in wonder.

Breathing out in gratitude.

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It’s not summer in Hintertux without some rain and lightning.

One thing I tell the girls if your not in the first gondola your last. ;) Here is a panorama of our entire group in the same gondola. And yes, we were first.

the first gondola is the only gondola

This is a different day, but same thing. The squad cramming in for the first gondola. It may seem like a pain, but in the end it is just a lot easier than fighting the crazy lift lines over here. They like to battle for position and scrap and push, although it takes some effort to be first, in the end it is the most civilized way up. By the way I heard Gondolas are the safest method of transport.

We were able to ski slalom on the Ice Wall today! Lots of great skiing. The snow is soft and it troughs out, it is difficult to ski well, but this creates an energy in the skier that can’t be taught with words. I am  in coaching mode until I see the Doc again tomorrow,  I love to ski in these conditions. It started to downpour rain on us at about 12:00,  we pulled the course catlike and got out of there pretty soaked. It is supposed to snow tonight, we will take another off day tomorrow and get ready for the cold weather and sunshine coming in.
Summer in the alps.
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Day 4 in Hintertux at Degalaxy Ski Camp

Here I am, in our lovely hotel room at our hotel NeuHintertux. This is a beautiful hotel, with great rooms, charm, good food, good characters. Home away from home. This time is different. I am sick. I am so sick, with shivers and fever and pain in my lower ribs in the back.

Body going into fits of cold and then hot. Like my thermostat is off. Complete weakness in my body and shortness of breath. I am hoping I feel better soon and that it’s from the lack of sleep and a little bit of stress. (Kinda bummed I watched the Revenant now.) But I can’t kick this thing. What’s wrong? It’s been 4 days.

I’ve been going on the hill, but talking myself through every minute. With little strength I haven’t been able to train. Just coaching and still I’m not myself. It worked out for Abigail to use my skis, she has a lost ski bag.

Then the dilemma is what to do? The kids all came to my camp, they came to be here with me. Will they understand? I decide it is in the best interest of everyone that I get to see a doctor.

When we get to breakfast I have to tell everyone that I am going to go to the doctor. Tears well up inside I can’t hold them back. I hate letting them down. But they aren’t let down at all. They understand, every single one. And I feel grateful: For a day of rest and to see what is ailing me.

The doctor says I have a kidney infection. I am on antibiotics now. He says I shouldn’t go on the hill. But I can’t listen to him. I am going. I won’t stay down.

My energy is already coming back.




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And so it begins …Degalaxy Racing Camps 2016

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The tooth of a lion

Colmillo que me arrastra Colmillo retorcido Te sobra colmillo

I broke my fang just before I broke my ankle

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A foxy Tale

Once upon a land of time and snow two dreams were murdered. If dreams are trees.  Barren pines.  Time a conception with what to dance through the unconsciousness. Snow a dance in the opposite.  And so awoke their Christmas tree hunt.

A starchild, her husband and her mother erased the mystery. Or was it her father and grandmother? The star was falling.  They could have touched the sky, instead they turned to time dancing with itself.


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Always kiss your children goodnight, even if they’re already asleep.

Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of the Earth. In and out of high tides, the past year has been adventures flip flopped with an idea of routine. Trying to settle on an idea of a routine life I discover consciously that routine is anywhere but where I am going . With high tide comes routine and with the low comes the adventure and the hustle and the bustle.

I am again pregnant.

Nervous, it feels different the second time around. Like you know what to expect, but still with a twinge of mystery. Will it be another boy? How do I stay healthy? Can I work out? Can I surf? Can I do my new job? Which is an entire other subject. And yeah already I am in my first or second month and impatient as hell, I already want to push the little bugg into the world, hold him in my arms and get him started on his way.

Lasse is almost 5. I can’t believe it. Just when he is gaining a huge sense of independence a new baby. Lasse is giddy with emotion. He sat through and entire video about the stages of pregnancy. So I think he knows we have a bit of a wait. He has been waiting now for what seems like years, so what’s a little longer. That’s the feeling I get from him.

I forget most of the time that there is actually a little guy inside me starting out. So crazy. Emotional. I have been trying to eat really natural but already craving food and having munchies all the time. I can’t wait to be around my husband again to share the beauty and magic of our new life. I need his inspiration. I crave his kiss and his love. This winter is going to be a whirlwind, and maybe that is a good thing to get through this long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, (9 MONTHS!!) wait.

I am working in Denver. Lasse and Federico will be in Vail. But we are going to do everything to make this venture amazing. This is a dream for me. I can go into mega details about the job, but I won’t. Not now. Let’s wait until the ride begins.  I couldn’t have stepped into a better stage for my career as a skier. I love kids, to help them become better athletes, inspired to live and to dream, what a blessing.

This life.

My life.

It goes on.

And I couldn’t be happier.

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Once upon a summer

そのとき from Amanda Belantara on Vimeo.

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Glitta Kings

02 Bed Of Nails ft. Progress

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