It’s not summer in Hintertux without some rain and lightning.

One thing I tell the girls if your not in the first gondola your last. ;) Here is a panorama of our entire group in the same gondola. And yes, we were first.

the first gondola is the only gondola

This is a different day, but same thing. The squad cramming in for the first gondola. It may seem like a pain, but in the end it is just a lot easier than fighting the crazy lift lines over here. They like to battle for position and scrap and push, although it takes some effort to be first, in the end it is the most civilized way up. By the way I heard Gondolas are the safest method of transport.

We were able to ski slalom on the Ice Wall today! Lots of great skiing. The snow is soft and it troughs out, it is difficult to ski well, but this creates an energy in the skier that can’t be taught with words. I am  in coaching mode until I see the Doc again tomorrow,  I love to ski in these conditions. It started to downpour rain on us at about 12:00,  we pulled the course catlike and got out of there pretty soaked. It is supposed to snow tonight, we will take another off day tomorrow and get ready for the cold weather and sunshine coming in.
Summer in the alps.
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