Day 4 in Hintertux at Degalaxy Ski Camp

Here I am, in our lovely hotel room at our hotel NeuHintertux. This is a beautiful hotel, with great rooms, charm, good food, good characters. Home away from home. This time is different. I am sick. I am so sick, with shivers and fever and pain in my lower ribs in the back.

Body going into fits of cold and then hot. Like my thermostat is off. Complete weakness in my body and shortness of breath. I am hoping I feel better soon and that it’s from the lack of sleep and a little bit of stress. (Kinda bummed I watched the Revenant now.) But I can’t kick this thing. What’s wrong? It’s been 4 days.

I’ve been going on the hill, but talking myself through every minute. With little strength I haven’t been able to train. Just coaching and still I’m not myself. It worked out for Abigail to use my skis, she has a lost ski bag.

Then the dilemma is what to do? The kids all came to my camp, they came to be here with me. Will they understand? I decide it is in the best interest of everyone that I get to see a doctor.

When we get to breakfast I have to tell everyone that I am going to go to the doctor. Tears well up inside I can’t hold them back. I hate letting them down. But they aren’t let down at all. They understand, every single one. And I feel grateful: For a day of rest and to see what is ailing me.

The doctor says I have a kidney infection. I am on antibiotics now. He says I shouldn’t go on the hill. But I can’t listen to him. I am going. I won’t stay down.

My energy is already coming back.




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