Here we are in beautiful and magical Courchevel France. A place I sometimes dream I could live in. It is the most wonderful place to spend Christmas because of the mountain magic. I never thought I could fall in love with a place in France, but I it has me completely head over heels. It has been snowing, no not snowing, dumping, since we arrived 24 hours ago. The snow banks are huge and it reminds me of a time in the 90′s when it used to snow like this at DH races in Jackson Hole. I don’t remember seeing this much snow all at once for a long long time. It’s amazing, but it also means racing is going to be radical. We have been in the hotel all morning waiting to get on the lifts to get some powder tracks, but the avalanche control has been in control of the lifts. We shall wait it out.

So far we have had a week of training in our new European home base: Sölden and Obergurgl. They have done an amazing job to make us feel welcomed and to provide training slopes and great conditions. Team GS (Gaxiola-Schleper) is back on track after getting bounced out in Aspen. I feel my confidence coming back and I really hope we get this race off. If not it will be in Flachau and Zagreb. Thanks for reading.

Please check out the video Jack made me before I left to Europe. He is a kid I get to coach in the summer. Great kid, highly motivated, spunky and full of love and energy.

Here is another youtube clip from TV8 when we were in Colorado:

Oh and one more link to my blog:

Pray for snow. Pray for love.

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