I am here in Sölden and you know it ain’t easy to say this, my mind still can’t get a hold of it, but I am not racing tomorrow.  First it was the weather. We got shut out of training for 5 days in a row. Then as we built into a progression for the race my back started to shut down. If there is one thing I have learned, I unwillingly listen to my body. Every part of me, my heart and on need to race. It has been a really tough week. I am not sure how to describe the way I have been feeling, mostly confused. The passion of my heart is battling with the wisdom of my mind. I trust my new coach a lot. Last night, together Roland and I, came up with a plan. Yeah, it is what it is. No racing tomorrow. Get fit for Levi and Colorado. Yesterday I saw Dr. Müller-Wolfhart in Münich. He said I was tight, but that I will be ready to go for the season. I also trust him. So don’t fret when the lioness doesn’t roar down the course tomorrow, I’ll be ready and determined in Levi.  WE have to cheer and holla for my teammates Lindsey and Julia down that crazy glacier course, one of my favorites.


This is a photo of the most amazing Doctor in Münich.

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