Odds and Ends

Bear Essentials

This is what I emptied out of my puffy Gap purse at the end of the season. My teammates, Megan McJames, Resi Stiegler, and Hailey Duke all had the same puffy purse in a different color. Team purse ;)
1. Shred sunglasses go everywhere, I love the case.
2. Some used rose Shred lenses, I can never throw them out.
3. U.S. Nationals Credential from Winter Park
4. Journal -goes everywhere.
5. A jade token from my mom.
6. US Olympic Team Pins (for mini gifts)
7. Essentials: Chapstick, Tampon, Lighter, Hand Lotion, Barrettes, Sewing Kit
8. My ski pass from Zell am See/ Kaprun
9. Pens: Sharpie, Highlighter, Black Pen, Blue Coloring Pencil
10. Receipt from the Knee High Prada Boots I bought and then returned in my favorite store: Föger, Telfs.
11. Gandhi Autobiography
12. Tissues, for a buggery kid
13. My cracked ipod touch.
14. And my wallet.

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