Inspiration from a Grand Master

I think Kelly Slater has got to be the absolute most amazing athlete on the planet. 10 World Titles and the guy is still winning. He is older than I am and he is competing against young modern surfers who are pushing. I love how this motivates him to do everything better. There is only one way I want to stay in Ski Racing and that is if I can continue to get faster.

Step 1: Diet
Federico and I are committing ourselves to a diet based on health and feeling better, taping the fountain of youth.
We are researching ways to eat more fruits and vegetables.
Juicing and Dehydration are going to become a priority.
Green Tea.
Understanding Grains and eating a very high quality.
1. Amaranth
2. Rye
3. Oats
4. Wild rice
5. Millet
6. Barley
7. Quinoa
8. Buckwheat
9. Whole wheat
10. Brown rice
11. White rice
12. Corn

This is the start of our list. I will keep you posted on how it’s going…

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