Family Pride.

I am so proud of my roots, where I came from. I think I had an incredible and undeniably cool upbringing. We ruled the streets of Vail, a little bit of hell raising, I was always with the guys, ingredients for a fast skier. But my dad made a life in the mountains worth while. He taught me how to love skiing and how to find a passion and follow it. My mom and my dad had their struggles, but we get through the tough times, as my mom has proven. I am very proud of where she is in her life and the person she has become. She represents free-spirit and no one can ever take that away from her, she is full of life, and I love that about her.
My roots now extend into the family I have married. The family no one tells you you’re going to obtain before you get married. Both my husband and I agree that it is kinda strange that not only did we marry each other but we also married each others brothers, and mothers. I guess it should be obvious, but it’s not. Anyway, my relatives by marriage also have the essence of free spirits. I think free spirits attract other free spirits. I have chosen the most beautiful in-laws and I am emotional for the life we can provide for Lasse and hopefully someday, some other offspring. Family can be tough, but it is the good part of life. The part of life which we can be proud and the part of life with whom we share our hearts.
Alejandra made me this video for my birthday. I think it is a pretty cool birthday present. I hope you will enjoy it.
Thanks and… breathe in the bad with the good, because one day you might just wonder where all that time went, bad or good.

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2 Responses to Family Pride.

  1. patia says:

    guauuuuuuuuuu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarita, me gusta mucho ser parte de tu familia y de las raíces de Lasse

  2. Dan McNutt says:

    Great job Sarah!!!!!!! Loved the video. I’m leaving a week from Thursday for Hatteras NC for an early week of Kiteboarding!! Had a great winter season but starting to miss the water!! Ciaco

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