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This is a pre World Championship post. Race me in many World Championships, and never quite realize a medal or even a top placing. When I was younger I tried too hard to go as fast as I could and then jeopardized tactics and skied off course. My best skiing, fastest skiing comes when I don’t think too much about it. When I just let my instincts take over. In big events this is difficult because so much preparation goes into the whole event, plus as a technical skier you wait over a week of racing and medal ceremonies before your events even get started. Minds can confuse muscles and instincts to stiffen up and over-ski. I just wanted to ask myself and my inner voice what I can do to make this championship different…and give my best effort. Here is the blueprint:
1. A positive attitude.
-you’ve been to that spot where you just look to find everything that’s wrong instead of looking for everything that is right. It’s this difference that can make a good race, and though it might seem obvious, it is really easy to complain instead of rise up. Come on Sarah…..R I S E
2. Under think
-self explanatory. I want to share a quote I read in one of Sasha Rearick’s books while I was at his house in Germany: “Thinking is useful in many ways, but there are some occasions when thinking interferes with the work, and you have to leave it behind. It is for this reason that the sword moves where it ought to move and makes the contest end victoriously.” -D.T. Suzuki
3. Affirmations
-I just read a ditty on Muhammad Ali and he was quoted as using a lot of affirmations and repeating them until he believed them.
4. And one technical bit:
-Staying grounded in the transition.

If you happen to read this, not sure who even comes to this blog, but I wanted to voice a little piece of who I am and what is going on here in Sarah Schleper. Thanks for reading.

Fury's in the eyes of di beholder

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  1. Markus says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I wish you all the best for today’s team event and the gs and slalom races.
    I´ll keep my fingers crossed.

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