My favorite store in Europe with Resi

While the DH and SG and Super Combined are kicking off the World Champs in Garmisch Resi and I are overloading for the Slalom and GS. We did 11 runs the first day of our overload and freeskied all afternoon. On the second day we did 10 runs and then hit the weight room to get really pumped. We took all of our runs with a snowmobile so we could really challenge our bodies.

After those two days we got to take three days of rest. Now we are in the taper before the big events. Resi came with Lasse, Federico and I to Telfs to rest and recover. Yesterday we went to the hotel Schwarz in Mieming and enjoyed the sauna and cold pools. In the afternoon we did a photo shoot at my favorite store in all of Europe. It’s right here in Telfs and it’s called Foeger. They have all the top designers and we can try on amazing outfits and drink champagne and feel like movie stars. Here is a sampling from our photo shoot. I hope you enjoy.

See you in Garmisch. Charged and Ready!!!

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